Neck and Shoulder Pain

Having been a competitive athlete, a professional dancer and now an active recreational athlete, I've had my share of injuries and seen numerous doctors, PTs, and body workers.  I've always thought there were therapists like Elliot, and I was so pleased when I found him.  When I met Elliot, I had developed long term significant pain in my neck and both shoulders that was getting worse.  My range of motion was so limited I had difficulty putting on a jacket or backpack or putting my head over my shoulders.  After working with Elliot over the course of a few months, the motion in my neck and shoulders was fully restored and pain-free.  I was equal parts astonished and overjoyed at the results. 

What I appreciated most about Elliot was that although he was skilled in more traditional forms of health care, he also brought a holistic approach to treating physical dysfunction.  He looked beyond my symptoms and complaints of pain, to identify and treat restrictions in other parts of my body, which may have contributed to the dysfunction in my shoulders and neck. 

I don't consider Elliot a magician but I can see how some might think he is. In my mind, attributing my outcome to something magical dismisses his intuition, skill and the hard work it takes to restore physical function.  But if traditional PT hasn't helped and/or you're considering a more invasive treatment like surgery, I would strongly suggest you stop in first to see Elliot.  His treatments have restored my function and made everyday activities normal again.

Peter A. 

Low Back Pain

After years of low back pain, I was discouraged after seeing multiple Doctors and Physical Therapists without improvement. I then came to Jinny at KFMT.   Jinny’s examination was the most thorough and attentive I’d had, and she identified the problem as being with my pelvis and SI joint.   After my first session with Jinny I was able to walk out that day without low back pain for the first time in years!  Her focus, caring and skill, all helped me to finally get relief from my symptoms.

Daniel L. 

Chronic Hip Pain and Running

Working with Elliot has been completely life changing for me.  I suffered from an autoimmune disease as a child that was increasingly restricting my mobility,  until eventually I could no longer exercise as much as I enjoyed.  I spent over two years seeing various doctors and therapists, and was repeatedly told that running was not an option for me.  However, after just a few sessions with Elliot I was back running agin - pain free!  I am also significantly more comfortable throughout my day, and have a clearer idea of how to better manage my condition for the long term with targeted exercises I was given.   

Chantel W.

Chronic Back Pain

I found Elliott after 10+ years of back pain and trying every form of PT, Doctor, acupuncture, and osteopath out there.

Elliott worked in a way that was uniquely tailored to me, problem solving each layer of my injury. The progress was slow and steady, and Elliott was very clear in his communication, always asking tons of questions to see how things were progressing.

The outcome was a strong improvement in quality of life. I used to have to do an hour of exercise every morning just to get through my day without the pain getting very severe. These days the back pain is only there once a week or once every two weeks at a much lower intensity --without having to do my morning exercise routine :).   I still see Elliot to try to further the progress we've already made, but I already have a huge improvement in my quality  of life.  

Highly recommended to someone who is serious about getting better.

Evan B.

I went to see Elliot for chronic nerve pain.  I had had a low back surgery (Lumbar Laminectomy) in 2013 and was left with chronic pain down my left leg and back.  I was unable to exercise without having severe pain the next day and was in a lot of pain on a daily basis.  After visiting many physical therapists and doctors, I was told I would have to live with the pain. 

After seeing Elliot 2 years after the surgery, he was convinced that he could resolve my issue. Although it took many months, I now only have mild pain on an occasional basis and I'm exercising on a regular basis without having pain the next day.  Elliot has helped me get back to my old self!

Debbie B

Post-Surgical Pain

I would strongly recommend Elliot Fishbein for physical therapy. I first came to Elliot for help with chronic elbow pain that became worse after I saw another physical therapist, and later used him to address issues with my back and my feet. Unlike other physical therapists who take a cookbook approach to their practice, Elliot develops a highly personalized treatment plan, drawing on his deep knowledge of physical therapy and the musculosketal system. 

Simon R. 

Elbow, Foot and Back Pain