Kinected Pilates and Wellness 

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Our Relationship with Kinected Pilates

We work closely with the Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructors at Kinected Pilates to offer our patients continuity as they look to move on from acute injury and functional loss and build strength, function, and overall wellness for the long term.  

Our team is able to communicate directly with the expert Pilates instructors at Kinected to ensure a smooth transition from FMT to wellness.   This process ensures that when the patient begins their long term wellness and strengthening program, the instructors already have an understanding of the patient's condition and precautions,  minimizing the risk of injury or complication. 

In addition, integrated within our studio is the Kane School for Core Integration a primary training center for individuals in New York City looking to become certified Pilates Instructors.  This feeds into a strong learning environment here, making KFMT and Kinected  a hub of learning for both fitness professionals and Physical Therapists. 

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